Friday, May 14, 2010

Did You Know I Got A New Bike?

Did you know I got a new bike?

I had been thinking of upgrading to a new road bike, one that is more suited to "racing" triathlons. When I asked the local bike store owner when his next sale is going to be, he proceeded to show me the bike he could make me a deal on. Seems like last year he ordered eight purple and white bikes! He only had a couple left.

When I went back in, he told me that if I trade in my old bike he could get the price of the new bike to about half the original price. He let me test ride it. Then he fitted the bike to me. Then he made me a good deal on (ugly) shoes, cleats and pedals. All in all I spent less on the whole deal than I did on my previous bike. Of course that one is gone. I already miss it. But I think I will be able to live with purple.


Montucky said...

Nice! Nothing at all wrong with that purple!

silken said...

it's been fun riding it. and when I'm on it, I don't even notice it's purple! ;)