Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did You Know You Can Get Sore Thumbs?

Did you know you can get sore thumbs ?

From riding a bicycle. I took my bike out yesterday for an hour or so ride. It was not my first ride on it but it was an extremely windy day. That is the only difference I can figure. My thumbs hurt after the ride and so did my right arm. I guess I was hanging on quite fiercely through all that wind! And today, I woke up with sore thumbs! Guess I need to check into thumb exercises!


Montucky said...

Interesting! I've had sore parts from riding a bike, but not thumbs. You can sure get a sore wrist from twisting the throttle on a motorcycle though.

silken said...

well, yeah, there are other sore parts….and I did not know about the sore wrist. I'll ask my husband about that, though I may not want to know that he has gone that fast!