Monday, May 24, 2010

Did You Know Field Trips are Available to the Apple Store?

Did you know field trips are available to the Apple Store?

Students in K-12 classes are eligible for field trips to participating retail Apple Stores. Classes as large as 25 members can attend, and arrangements may be made for larger groups. The students can work to create something in store as part of the trip, or they can bring in a project and use the store as a theater. The kids can learn to use iPhoto, iMovie, build a website, learn how to make keynote presentations and learn how to use Garage Band. This sounds like a perfect field trip for kids of all ages!


Montucky said...

Now you've mad me jealous! I'd love to go on one of those field trips, but I think the nearest Apple Store here is about 500 miles.

silken said...

well, that would be a little far for the field trip. as for now, you stick to your routine field trips! and maybe one day if you ever pass near by, then you can stop in. I am guessing you will prefer your normal trips to that one though

silken said...

though you could use what you've collected to put together some very nice projects!