Thursday, April 29, 2010

Did You Know Our Event T-shirts Didn't Fit?

Did you know our event T-shirts didn't fit?

The women's shirts for the triathlon last weekend were cut very snug. I ordered the size I'd ordered before but the shirt is just too tight. After talking to several other women (who are in better shape) I found that they too could not wear their race t shirts. One lady was smart enough to ask while at the event and got her shirt exchanged. I was disappointed not to be able to wear my shirt and thought I would just ask if there are any left and if I can mail mine back to exchange. I thought since I was a "nobody" in one of the smaller races, they would disregard my request.

Sure enough, I got a quick response. I can exchange my shirt for a better size! They are going to mail me another shirt and hopefully this one will fit!

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