Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did You Know Amazon Sells Wetsuits?

Did you know Amazon sells wetsuits?

I just ordered one from them a couple of days ago! I was looking for a better triathlon wetsuit as compared to the light-weight surfing wetsuit I have. I tried one on at a local shop, the only place around here that even has tri wetsuits. The largest size they had was just too tight. But I came home and started looking for it online. I found the same suit (2009 model) in the next size. I saw that I could get it from Amazon. Which meant I could go through my sister's Amazon box to give her a percentage of the sale. And it was so much cheaper than the store, that I was able to get expedited shipping and still save over $20! It has already shipped so should be here in time for the big event!


Montucky said...

I've bought some strange stuff from Amazon and gotten some great prices too.

silken said...

I got to try it out today. it was perfect. it did rub against the neck but glad to find that out before the big day!!

Donna said...

I was able to find a Zoot '09 clearance in a Men's short. It should be waiting at home for me today so I can try it out before raceday!

Thanks so much for all your supportive notes. Seriously, it means a lot!

I will be in Galveston on Thursday night (packet pick-up) and at the Expo (our Tri club has a booth there) from 5pm to 8pm. I will be there Friday too! Maybe we can catch-up and meet in real-life!

If we miss each other, good luck to you!!! Don't look at the weather until Friday!!!