Monday, April 26, 2010

Did You Know Our Triathlon Turned into a Biathlon?

Did you know our triathlon turned into a biathlon?

Because of high winds early Saturday morning, the swimming leg of our triathlon was cancelled! They decided to just cut out the swim and start us with the cycling portion and then finish with the run. I wondered if the winds were so bad how we would cycle. We were started with a "time trial" start. Each row went to the gate and participants were started three seconds apart. This made for a lot of athletes out on the course at the same time, which means I think they were more lenient on the "drafting rules" since we could not help being close together.

I was disappointed that the swim was cut out. But as tired as I was after the race, I wonder how I would have felt if I had swam 9/10 of a mile first! My husband thinks our legs would have been more ready to go than standing around all morning before hopping on the bike. I will post a longer description of race day on my other blog.


Donna said...
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Donna said...

the 70.3 link didn't work.

silken said...

no problem Donna! and thanks for the links. I did find our results finally. not as great as I wanted but not too far off what I thought I could do!

I am glad I knew what to do about the flat, and glad support showed up! :) wow, two in one race! I heard another girl say she had two flats at Gateway!