Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did You Know You Should Check Your Calculator BEFORE the Test?

Did you know you should check your calculator before the test?

Soon after I returned from my trip, my son took the SAT test for the first time. He went prepared. When I picked him up he warned me that he was not happy-that he already knew his score would be low!

He said he did very well on the essay, maybe the best essay he's ever written! (It helped that the topic was something he was ready to write about!) Then he fairly flew through the reading section. He said he was doing fine on the math, until he realized that his calculator was acting weird. He said he finally began just entering 2+2 and a few other simple equations and got nonsense answers in return. Needless to say, he could not do many of the math problems (I am sure they don't teach them any "old" methods of figuring problems the long way!) so he was just preparing me that the score would be low. And he was pretty bummed by it because he felt so good about the rest of the test. Thankfully, he can retake it.

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