Sunday, September 5, 2010

Did You Know How to Shower When there are No Showers?

Did you know how to shower when there are no showers?

Today I did a sprint triathlon relay. It is the first time I've done one on a Sunday. As I wanted to leave straight from the event and go to church, I knew I needed to find a shower. There were no gyms around. There was a public beach area with showers, but it was about fifteen miles in the opposite direction. So I decided to do the next best thing.

I had several bottles of plain water, so I used these as my faucets. I washed my hair right there in front of my car. (It was in a small parking area with a little curb area right in front.) I knew my kids would be so embarrassed if they saw me! That is when I noticed someone sitting in the car right next to me!

Then I had to find somewhere to "shower" and change clothes. I did find a park restroom right there in the park, so I went in and proceeded to "shower". I went in the handicap stall and used a foaming wipe to soap up. Then I poured the water over to rinse. It was cold, but it worked.

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