Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Did You Know About 24 Hour Fitness Varsity Program?

Did you know about 24 hour fitness varsity program?

We have been contemplating dropping our YMCA membership for two years. The fee has gone up, but it is a good place for the whole family and is very convenient. We however have not dropped our 24 Hour Fitness membership. We pay for the whole year what we pay per month at the Y (this is because we have been members so long and got a special deal years ago.) So when my son decided to play homeschool basketball again this year, he reminded us that 24 Hour has a "varsity program" where members of varsity level high school teams can come to the club for free. This sounded like the perfect plan-drop the Y and let our son use 24 Hour. Except when I checked on the program, the high school players can only use the facilities from 2:30-4:30 pm! This is fine if they all got to the gym at that time, but those kids usually have activities/practices after school and those hours are not usually the hours they can utilize the program! I know they would really like to use it in the evening/at night, which is the gym's most crowded times. So, we still have not dropped the Y…..

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