Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did You Know I Use Less Safety Products?

Did you know I use less safety products?

As I got ready to vacuum the other day, I pulled out another plastic cover. I just left it out. I got to thinking about having nothing but big kids around here. I put those covers in six years ago when I baby sat a friend's baby. He's no baby any more! I started thinking about having to use no real
safety products around the house any more. Sure, we take care of things and try to be as safe as possible, but with teens around, there are way more things I am worried about than sticking their fingers or a toy into a socket! I wish there were "safety products" to guard a teens heart, mind and soul that were as easy to implement as putting a plastic cover into the outlet.


Montucky said...

It sure was easier to protect them when they were little, wasn't it! I know!

silken said...

everything I used to ache over when they were small all seems so easy compared to now!