Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did You Know I Took a Day off to Work?

Did you know I took a "day off" to work?

I actually took two days off of my regular stay-at-home-mom job to be an extra in a local commercial this week! It was done by Nike and shot at Space Center Houston. It was fun, I learned some things, and got a good check for some Christmas shopping too!

There were only five of us extras which was pretty cool! I had thought there was going to be large crowd of us, as had been the case in the two other shoots I had participated in. I liked the small group of us. We got to visit and I learned things from these "actors" who do this kind of work more often.

I even had a bit part with some lines! The commercial is actually going to be aired on the internet. It should be released around Thanksgiving. I don't know how it will turn out and if I'll even really be in it. But hey, it was fun and I earned a little money too!


Montucky said...

Keep us posted so we can see it!

silken said...

well, I want to see it first. not sure I want to be seen, if I even make the cuts. it's an internet video, so I think the cheesy factor will be pretty high. but it is for Nike....