Saturday, June 13, 2009

Did You Know About Ikea's 15% Off Sale?

Did you know about Ikea's 15% off sale?

I just read through the latest Ikea ad. It looks like they are having a nice summer sale for folks who are moving. On the last page, I came across a special 15% off deal. It is for folks in our area who had nothing better to do while "in the dark" after hurricane Ike. For anyone bringing in their baby's birth certificate dated June 1-July 4, 2009, they will receive an additional 15% off their entire purchase!


Daesha said...

My friend had her baby yesterday. They plan on taking their birth certificate to Ikea to prove "what they did in the dark." Interesting promotion!

silken said...

I thought it was hilarious! glad she can use the discount! :)