Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did You Know About Gas Buddy?

Did you know about Gas Buddy?

I have been using the gasbuddy.com website to find the cheapest gas prices in my area. It is simple to use. Simply log in to the site and type in the zip code or town you want to know gas prices for. It will bring up a list of gas stations, prices and how many hours ago those prices were reported. I have found it very helpful!

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caftan said...

The best looking app I've seen that does the job well. 4/5 due to the fact that I normally look up gas from my house, so it would be nice if it remembered the last (or series of) entered addresses/postal codes. The GPS doesn't seem to want to work with this app on my Galaxy S, but I have a feeling that is the GPS itself, not the fault of the software.