Monday, May 16, 2011

Did You Know Breathing in Helium from Balloons is Not a Good Idea?

Did you know breathing in helium from balloons is not a good idea?

I was taught as a kid not to do this and it was equated as drug use in our home. I still believe this today, though not everyone I live with sees it so acutely. It became a situation last night at a church sponsored youth event. When the event was over, the teens scrambled to get at the balloons which had been decorations. I could not believe it when I saw many of them trying to suck in the helium for a joke (to make their voices sound higher.) While most everyone else there seemed to think it was harmless, I will say that I went pretty ballistic trying to make sure the kids did not follow through with drug-using-like behavior. Since not everyone agreed with me, I came home and looked up more information.

I did find that most people, including doctors, say that a breath or two from a helium balloon won't usually cause harmful side effects. Those in the medical community and many in the educational setting will admit that it is not a good idea. Breathing in helium replaces oxygen and can cause dizziness to the point of passing out. Not only that, it is not a good pattern to set as it mimics inhalant behavior.

So, while I may be the only prude left in this era, I have found support that breathing in helium is at least "not a good idea..."


Montucky said...

I certainly support your position on that! If nothing else, there's far too much to risk for very little gain.

silken said...

thanks. I am surprised at how many do not see it as more serious!