Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did You Know the Difference Between College Guys and Girls?

Did you know the difference between college guys and girls ?

While I am sure there are many, the first one we have experienced is the amount of information that gets back home! That is no real surprise though to us parents of boys. We heard at church about one of the female college freshman calling back and talking to her mom an hour each day. We are lucky to get a text of a sentence or two each day-and thankful for it too! Another mom of a boy also confirmed her son doing the same thing, so we decided it's gotta be a guy thing. One thing we did decide is that we think it was a very good thing to have let our sons travel overseas unaccompanied last summer. Good for them and for us too. We just wish that we could get some of the details like we were blessed with last summer from our sons' host!


Montucky said...

Certainly a guy thing. New-found independence.

silken said...

oh yeah. loving it too I am sure!