Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did You Know Where Some Women Relax After Work?

Did you know where some women relax after work?

I have never gotten my hair cut in the evening before. So tonight when I went into the salon, I was surprised when I was offered a glass of wine! I have always been offered something to drink during the day when I've gone, some water or a soda. And since I do not drink alcohol I was rather taken aback by the question! Then I looked around and noticed how many of the ladies had their glasses of wine! I just knew my neighbors would be happy to have that glass of wine for me.

When I was checking out I was asked if I wanted to make my next appointment for about 6 or 7 weeks away. I said no. And then mentioned that would be just about the time my son leaves for college. The stylist told me she would have that glass of wine waiting for me when I next come in!


Montucky said...

Serving a glass of wine for an evening appointment was probably a good idea for their business!

silken said...

I guess so! there were lots of ladies there and nearly every one of them had a glass of wine!