Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Did You Know Uses for White "Magic" Sponges?

Did you know uses for white "magic" sponges?

Of course there is the use it is made for, cleaning sinks. And it works pretty well on my sink. But I have found some other uses for these magic sponges as well. One day, while doing some training on my bike, I ended up scratching the (white) frame with my clip bike shoes. I was really upset! It looked bad! Then I remembered some ladies talking about other uses for those white magic sponges...Luckily I had one and it cleaned my white bike frame right up (though I do still have the scratches.) I have also used the magic sponge to clean my crock pot and some ladies at a preschool use them to clean the tables. I am sure I will be finding more uses for those white magic sponges.


Montucky said...

I haven't even seen those. I guess that's life on the frontier!

Heather's House said...

I love them! I use them to clean my bathtub and tile after macy writes on them with bath crayons. hah!

silken said...

I guess Montucky!

thanks Heather, will try to remember that. even better, I wonder if they are "magic" enough to get my kids to use them to clean the bathtub....! :)