Friday, May 4, 2007

Did You Know You Can Cook Shrimp at Your Next Campout?

Did you know you can cook shrimp at your next campout?

If you get tired of hot dogs and marshmallows as every camp meal, try Seafood Recipes for an upgrade in your camp food.

Here is an easy one for shrimp cooked over the campfire:

Simply get a square of heavy duty foil. Place a pile of shrimp onto the foil. Lay on several globs of butter. Close your foil up into a packet. Lay the packet on the grate over very hot coals or fire. Let cook for about 20-25 minutes. When done, open packet carefully-the steam can really burn. Sprinkle with pepper. There you have a nice campout meal. A real upgrade from hot dogs and marshmallows.

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Merry Jelinek said...

That I've got to try... Do you cook the shrimp the first day then? I can't see trusting seafood to stay in a cooler for too long.

By the way, it was fun to hear your voice. In my mind you always had more of a twang ;-)

silken said...

well, we got there in the evening, so technically cooked it the second day. It worked out fine. I had frozen it before we left and it stayed fine in the cooler overnight.

I HATE my voice on there, I think it sounds awful and DOES have a twang, but not like in the movies I guess :)