Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Did You Know About Bid Web Directory?

Did you know Bid Web Directory?

This is a new web directory that ranks web pages according to contributions rather than according to page rank. You can submit your web page starting at a $50 contribution. Others can help increase your page rank by submitting bids in $5 increments.

This should help keep the top quality web pages at the top of the directory as the ranking is based on a page owner's concern to maintain that status, rather than unaccounted votes which can come from any where.

This bid link directory lists the top ten pages on its homepage, with the top 20 being listed on the top links page. There is also a detailed listing of each one.

There are four possible links to your page with this directory. It is Google ranked at 7 and can help drive lots of traffic to your page, making it even stronger.

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