Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Did You Know How to Get a Job Teaching English in Korea?

Did you know how to get a job teaching English in Korea?

Finding a job half a world away can be a disconcerting task. You either have to know somebody already there, or rely on information, sight unseen. Now there is a new website that tries to make that task a little easier.
Restohof is a new site online that compiles vacancies from Seoul Craigslist, Dave's ESL Cafe, and the ESL Teacher's Board allowing you to find the best listings all in one spot. But to make it even eaiser to discern the best from the not-so-good, there is a voting system in place. This rating helps you to see what others have learned about a particular job. You can find jobs that have the best "go ahead" rating as well as those who have the "most grudges" against them. This will make your task of job hunting from half a globe away that much easier.

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