Thursday, May 3, 2007

Did You Know About

Did you know about ?

This is a really cool new Online sweepstakes contest. You can enter win FREE prizes. Yes, that's right, FREE prizes. No catch, no calls, no spam email, nothing to pay, absolutely FREE.

You simply fill out the form to enter the contest. You look for prizes that you would like to win. These prizes range in value from $10 to $600. They run the gamut from DVD's to cell phones and iPods and so many things in between.

Finalists for each contest are chosen randomly. If you are chosen, you will have to enter your plea as to why YOU should be the one to win the prize. Others will vote either for or against you.

You can also vote for others, deciding who should win each prize.

It's FREE, it's fun, it's easy!

Why not check it out today? My son can hardly wait to play this game! Who knows, maybe we'll win something!

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