Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did You Know About Utango?

Did you know about Utango?

This is a relatively new twist on track shopping and company loyalty. The real target groups are singles, engaged couples and newlyweds (defined as married less than three years.) You then can earn points by shopping as you normally would. These points are accrued over a lifetime of shopping and credited back to you in cash reward payouts at ten year, twenty year and thirty year intervals. You may even end up earning a million dollars toward your retirement!

This kind of program of course is of greatest benefit to those who start it earliest, as the points, ultimately the whole utango rewards program, are based on practically a lifetime of shopping. So those who join as singles, or even engaged couples stand the best chance of the largest cash reward payouts. One of the most unique requirements for earning these payouts is that folks joining the Utango Rewards Program must eventually marry, and then must stayed married to enjoy the payout rewards.

It is free to join Utango. It is easy to earn the points toward the reward payouts. You can click links at their site to find what stores, travel sites and restaraunts you can patron-many you likely already do-to help you earn your way to a lifetime payout reward. Places like CompUSA, Southwest Airlines, Expedia.com, and American Eagle can help you earn your cash back payouts.

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