Saturday, May 19, 2007

Did You Know Now May Be The Best Time to Buy Silver?

Did you know that NOW may be the best time to buy silver?

Currently the demand for silver exceeds yearly production! Ever since 1990 this has been the case. The supply of silver is rapidly depleting, approaching zero. The Monex Deposit Company is providing silver and other precious metals for procurement. Silver is available in both coin or ingot form. What’s an igot you ask? It is generally silver bullion cast in a convenient size and shape.

Your order can be personally delivered or delivered to a secured storage area, your bank or depository. Monex is a professional company providing thirty years of service in the precious metals industry. So if you are looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift, that gift for the person who has everything or a unique way to express your feelings, silver may be the purchase of choice for you!

This is based on information from blogitive.

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