Friday, May 11, 2007

Did You Know About Effexis Time Management Software?

Did you know about Effexis task management software?

In this day and age of running and gunning, going and blowing, it is a wonder how any of us can keep a day or a week straight. There are several times I have completely forgotten an appointment or some other get together I wanted and/or needed to attend.

Now there is an easy answer right at your fingertips. This super easy software is available for download right now. This software can help you organize your day by outlining your to-do list, using color coding to prioritize tasks, and allowing you to schedule appointments and projects in the calendar. The Standard Planner is offered at $49 and the Pro Planner is available for $79. If you are wanting to take a peek at this software before buying you can get a free trial download.

You can start getting your schedule under control right away, allowing you to enjoy a more structured, fruitful lifestyle, saving time and energy and even having some free time to enjoy!

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