Friday, May 11, 2007

Did You Know About the Agu Family?

Did you know about the Agu family?

I hadn't heard of them til today. I know, I am behind the times. They are a local celebrity family if you will. They won the Amazing Race two years ago, winning the million dollar prize. I guess what struck me most when I saw them on the news this morning was their "down-to-earthiness". They haven't blown their million dollars. They still live in the same house. They had both worked for large companies that "went under" and got laid off around the same time. They have used their winnings to help pay off some of the bills that had piled up during that time. They seem to truly enjoy each other's company and really presented a nice interview. Their next amazing race is the one of trying to pursue parenthood. I wish them all the best in this next amazing pursuit.

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