Saturday, May 19, 2007

Did You Know A Good Birthday Party for Tween Girls?

Did you know a good birthday party for "tween" girls?

My daughter (11) just celebrated her birthday with a Hollywood themed party. It was great fun for all the girls. We found some great decorations to add to the atmosphere. We decorated with gold and pink stars and black and gold balloons. We found a red carpet to lay out the walk way and along side we had some laminate tiles on which we pasted shiny pink stars. Out in the yard, my daughter placed some letters to spell out "Hollywood" that she had cut out of cardboard and painted white. We mounted them on untwisted coat hangers and stuck them in the ground.

Each girl was asked to come dressed like a Hollywood star. As each one entered we snapped photos. Then each girl was able to pose for her own photo shoot. My young nephews were even around to ask the girls for their autographs! Then the girls ate a simple dinner followed by cake. Next they were ready to shoot a movie. They came up with their own script and dad videotaped. (The nephews even got in on it by announcing "Take 1" and "Roll it" before each scene.)

After this, the girls watched their movie, received their Oscar awards and then put their names on the star tiles with gold self-adhesive letters. (The Oscars were homemade, printed out from the computer, mounted on posterboard, taped onto star shaped boxes filled with Starburst candy). Afterwards, they were each given a blank book and a pen for each other to autograph.

After all the excitement, they changed into PJ's, hit the "concession stand" for cokes, popcorn, and candy (movie sized boxes) and popped in an old Hayley Mills Disney Classic.

Next morning, silly string and water balloons!

Fun, fun stuff!!

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