Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did You Know It Really Is Easy to Make Jelly?

Did you know it really is easy to make jelly?

We went to pick some more strawberries today, for the express purpose of making jelly (and one birthday cake!) I used the SureJell fruit pectin from the grocery store. It was very simple. Last year I had tried to make jelly using the boiling and canning method, but found it to be a bit troublesome. This year I went strictly with the SureJell method.

One method did require cooking, but it was very simple. The box of SureJell has instructions enclosed and this made it very simple.

I also had a sample of SureJell using a no cook methond. I must say this was even simpler!

I have not sampled either of the jellies yet, but I am sure they will both be excellent. Nothing can beat picking a batch of berries, getting them home, washed and made into jelly in one afternoon!

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