Monday, May 21, 2007

Did You Know Public School Kids are Getting a Long Summer Break?

Did you know public schooled kids in our area are getting a long summer break?

It was decided I guess about a year ago that all schools in our state would start more closely to the same date. So this week, schools let out and they don't go back until the week of August 21. This does not affect me too much except that now we will have less time to enjoy public places without all the crowds. We have become accustomed to going to public attractions during traditional school hours, when the crowds are not so heavy. But now, with schools starting later, and seeminly getting out earlier than they have been, those kids are having a longer summer break. What that means is, more folks out in those public places for a longer period of time than they have been in recent years. I guess we won't hit the beach until September now!

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