Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did You Know About Auditions?

Did you know about auditions?

My daughter auditioned tonight for a summer theatrical performance. We have been doing this for about five years now, mostly with a local community college theater department. It always amazes me to see these kids get up and do a one minute monologue in front of family, friends and strangers (and the director). It sure takes a lot of courage just to walk up those steps to the stage. Then, to face the audience, under bright lights and to say your piece; much less to say it loud enough and expressive enough.

Tonight there were 55 kids auditioning, and this was the second night of auditions. There will be two shows, with a total cast of 50 kids. It is tough! But all of them did such a tremendous job, whether or not they get cast. Just for getting up there they all deserve a round of applause!

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