Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did You Know About Obama's Scheduled Speech to School Children?

Did you know about Obama's scheduled speech to school children?

I have been hearing about this impending speech today. I don't have all the details yet. I found this press release on the White House website. Here is the video where Obama tells student interviewer Damon Weaver that he will be speaking to school kids on Sept. 8.

That is the day after Labor Day, traditionally the first day of school for many students in the nation. It falls right after a holiday. Many parents may be unaware of the speech. However, principals have been notified by the Department of Education Secretary and teacher packets on what to do for lead-in and post-speech activities are included (you will find the files there.)

It appears the speech will be televised on C-span and the White House site. However, it is during the school day and the teachers are to "guide" the discussion and evaluation of the speech.

This is a very scary tactic to me. It is blatant propaganda in my mind. If a conservative or religious leader were to use this avenue into our childrens' minds, there would be a great uproar among many.

I hope parents will do their homework on this! This is a definite call to arms for parents. We cannot allow for this to go unnoticed or unspoken. We cannot allow the government and their schools to blatantly indoctrinate our children without our say, though we may have already become accustom to it. We need to know what is being taught and presented to our kids. We need to understand the method being used to seduce a captive and vulnerable audience.

Wake up parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Montucky said...

That's a low even for Obama! He is succeeding in his attempt to become the most despised president we've ever had. This will backfire on him big time!

silken said...

yes, it looks like it may be backfiring. if he wants to speak to kids, do it w/ parents around. I have written our principal, superintendent, and school board. three responses already, which is good. our district has not issued a response or action yet...