Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did You Know I Got a Response from the School?

Did you know I got a response from the school?

Basically, they will not do a "mass viewing" (this is at the high school) but will allow individual social studies teachers to air the president's speech next Tuesday, as it applies to state standards. How they can know which parts will and will not apply to state standards on a live event, I don't know. When I again voiced the concern about the method in which this is being done (during the school day, no parental involvement-not even a note sent home, taking advantage of kids' vulnerability and impressionability, a captive audience) the principal simply reiterated what she had just said.

I was glad for the prompt reply from the principal and two school board members. However my concerns are still looming large. I am not sure yet what our next course of action will be. I am hoping to keep my son home from school in protest of how this is being handled.

This situation has generated lots of conversation in our area.


Montucky said...

I was thinking about the same thing. If I had children in school, they would not be there that day! I'm glad to hear that there is a lot being said about it there!

silken said...

yes I am glad that it is generating conversations. to me, many people are missing the point. they would be angry if some conservative or religious leader pulled a stunt like this...