Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did You Know How To Write a Two Voice Poem?

Did you know how to write a two voice poem?

I have seen these before but never assigned them. My daughter has been assigned one this week for a History project. I really like it! All you need is two sides to one story. Then you can pose the stories side by side. Then you write the lines side by side, trying to have them reflect each other. Each column represents a different person (or voice.) If they speak at the same time, put their words on the same line. If one is silent while the other speaks, leave their line blank. Here is an example of a two person poem:

Graduation Poem by Stephanie Klose

Here is a little different take on one:

In Eternity's Eye by Shelly Bryant

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hifidel said...

Hey! thanks for the link.
I have another in the first issue of The Taylor Trust entitled "Collapse" that is also a two-voiced poem, and I have another that hasn't been published yet. I really like writing this type of poem. Challenging, and fun!