Monday, September 28, 2009

Did You Know You Can Get Free Theater Tickets?

Did you know you can get FREE theater tickets?

The month of October marks Free Night of Theater throughout the nation. Simply go to the site and choose the location nearest you. You will find listings for FREE performances of local and national shows. For example, in our city, there are several listings for local performances including Agatha Christie, Into the Woods and Little Shop of Horrors. I was also thrilled to see that there is even one free performance for Meet Me in St. Louis! Most of these shows will only allow you to get two free tickets. You must make reservations through the site. These free tickets will be ready to reserve Oct. 5. I don't know if you can get tickets to more than one show, but I am going to try!


Montucky said...

That's a wonderful program for those in or near the large cities!

silken said...

yes, we are excited about it!