Monday, April 9, 2007

Did You Know About Ultimate Paintball?

Did you know about Ultimate Paintball? My husband has taken the youth group from church to play paintball several times. He loves it and so do many of the kids. He was telling my son about it not long ago. My husband's buddy was in the army and loved to get dressed in his camo for a day at paintball. And he had stealth. He would disappear before you could get a shot on him, and reappear from behind, ready to splat you.

You can now get some of the best paintball guns available. Some of the top sellers are the Tippman A-5 and Tippman 98 Custom,Smart Parts Ion and the Spyder Pilot ACS. This paintball store has great prices and free shipping! Check out their selection of paintball supplies. SPLAT!

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