Sunday, April 22, 2007

Did You Know About Digital Photo Frames?

Did you know about digital photo frames?

If you love to display photos, then this digital photo frame is for you! In this day and age of digital photography, the only way to display your photos is to either print out each shot, or have your friends sit in front of your computer to view them-which I have done!

But now there is an attractive, stylish answer that allows you to display all your digital photos and movie clips without tying up your PC. Digital picture frames come in several sizes: 7", 8", 9" and 10". It is simple to use. You can even add sound clips to your digital photo slide show. Each frame has headphones for added privacy.

The digital photo frame is easy to use. Simply take your snapshots, transfer the memory card to the digital picture frame, then use the infrared remote to find your favorite slideshow. There is no complex setup required. You plug in the adapter, which comes with the frame, and you are ready to view the slideshow.

Prices for these unique digital photo frames range from $99 for the 7" to $199 for the 10". Each order of a nine or ten inch frame comes with a free 128 MB memory card!
Pretty cool!

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