Monday, April 23, 2007

Did You Know About Top Blog List?

Did you know about Top Blog List ?

Once again, my blogger friend from down under Sire , has shared a great tip for bloggers.
His blog is full of great tips and ideas for bloggers who desire to make some money off their blogs. This top blog list is just another in his list of helpful ideas.
You can join the top blog list by simply signing up, it's free. You will then be given a code like this:

Top Blog List

The code will allow visitors to your site to vote on your blog. This directory is google friendly and will help increase traffic to your site. This in turn will help to raise your page rank. It's all around good for your blog.

Might as well give it a try!

ps-thanks Sire !


Sire said...

Because the icon which is imbedded in the post will disappear as the post moves off the page, it really should be placed in your left hand column.

Other than that you are doing great.

silken said...

thanks sire! I appreciate the tip....but I am not really sure what you mean by that? put it in my blog roll or something??

thanks a lot!