Sunday, April 22, 2007

Did You Know About the Doctor Invading National Land?

Did you know about the doctor invading national park land?

My friend wrote about this today on his blog. It seems in Montana, there is a doctor looking for a little peace and quiet, a little relaxation away from it all. He seems to have found the perfect spot for his hobby of river fishing. The only problem is, this land is national land. It would not be such a problem for the doctor if he would follow the laws. Laws everyone else has to follow. Such as having a permit, fishing in season, and not bringing in a helicopter! Yes, it appears the doctor is being flown into his quiet fishing spot by a helicopter. He has allegedly also been guiding groups in on his own, without a permit. He is sure to bring along his personal chef, who sets up a picnic table in the middle of the river, so the fishermen don't have to bother getting out of the river to fish.

Well, if you want to read more about this story and find links back to the originals, visit my friend Montucky .


Montucky said...

Thanks for posting this! Every bit helps!


silken said...

well, I know it doesn't do justice, but a link back to you does help. and reading those articles is very informative!