Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did You Know How My Wonder Woman Costume Turned Out?

Did you know how my Wonder Woman costume turned out?

When my husband told me he was doing a youth event based on superheroes and he wanted everyone to dress up, I wasn't sure if I would. I looked at a few costumes and knew they were not for me. But after finding a site online where other women and girls had made their own Wonder Woman costumes, I knew I could do that! So I headed for the thrift store. I found everything I needed there. A shiny red tank top, A blue skirt, boots, ribbon, red and white material and a foam visor.

I* put the ribbon in the shape of a W on the shirt. I** spray painted the boots red, then added athletic tape along the top and down the front. I** cut the visor into the shape of a crown, spray painted it gold and added a red glitter star. The skirt did not work for me, so I found blue athletic shorts at Academy and cut and glued white stars to them. I also used spray painted foam for the wrist bands. I put "No Fray" along the edge of the red material and attached it as a cape.

I think the whole thing came together just right! And I only spent $15!

*my mom
**my husband


Holly said...

Cool!! Love that it was all made on the cheap and came out looking GREAT.

Now...about that invisible jet.

silken said...

thanks! it was fun! the jet, well, how do you know it's not there?

hifidel said...

Wait... you have an invisible jet? And you haven't come to see me yet?

silken said...

ha! I wish it were that easy! just saw the photos of the summer. sure wish we could have been there!