Friday, October 16, 2009

Did You Know Abstinence is being Taught in Some Public Schools?

Did you know abstinence is being taught in some public schools?

I was actually unaware of this. I noticed in my daughter's health book, there was talk of what abstinence is and how the term is usually applied to sexual behavior but that it is appropriate when talking about any risk behavior. I agree with this. Especially when talking to teens.

Then, I got a note home from my son's school saying that they would have a week long lesson on abstinence and risk behaviors. I signed it and was interested in how they would approach it. Of course, I did not get much detail from my son, but he said they did talk about lots of different "risk behaviors" not just sex. He said they talked about all aspects and consequences of these risk behaviors. I do appreciate that. I think teens need to hear these things and know that abstinence is a choice for them and one that will allow them no consequences. Actually, I know that abstinence really does have consequences, but they are easier to live with than the consequences of participating in the risk behaviors.

Although many people do not like abstinence taught as a choice, I am glad they are including it in the lessons.


Montucky said...

I certainly agree that its good to have that taught as a choice!

silken said...

I have to say I was surprised but glad they are including it.