Friday, October 30, 2009

Did You Know About our Visit to TCU?

Did you know about our visit to TCU?

We had a great time. The college has done a great job of making the day fun for the teens and showing them the best the school has to offer. The day started at 8am with a free breakfast (fruit and breakfast tacos) and registration. During this time, facts about the school were shown on screens. Little did we know there would be a "test" later with prizes (t shirts) for the first one with the right answer! Then we were taken on a campus tour. After this we got to choose three sessions to attend to learn more about specific things about TCU. Next was lunch (free) with student speakers. Then we were off to tour two dorms. Afterward, the students got to choose a probable major and go tour that department. Last, we were given refreshments and filled out surveys and asked any last questions. Throughout the day, we acquired little freebies-a backpack, pen, sticker. After the program was over, my son and his friend wanted to talk to the basketball coach. Practice was already underway, but they were allowed to sit and watch the end of the session. Before leaving town, we had to hit the bookstore for fan gear. What a great way to get kids (and parents) excited about college!


Montucky said...

Looks to me that TCU is doing a great job of showing prospective students what they have to offer. Good for them!

silken said...

they really are. and the staff and student leaders are staying excited about it. it is a great outreach for them.