Friday, October 23, 2009

Did You Know About TCU Mondays?

Did you know about TCU Mondays?

Once a month, Texas Christian University hosts a Monday of activities for high school juniors and seniors. From 8am-3pm, students will participate in programs geared for them. They will have breakfast, special interest meetings, financial aid information, campus tours, lunch and department visits. Because of the large amount of students attending these activities, they will not be able to attend a class on these days.

I registered my son for the next TCU Monday. It should be a fun day looking at college life. Perhaps it will get him interested in really finding out what kind of college he'd like to attend.


Montucky said...

That's a great program and I would think ti well worthwhile!

silken said...

it was really good. I posted more about it on madameblogalot. they do a great job getting the kids excited about the school!