Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did You Know We Have to Redo Some Recently Done Remodeling?

Did you know we have to redo some recently done remodeling?

We were just about completely done with remodeling our front bathroom. We had stripped wallpaper, sanded, painted, put in new everything from switchplates to toilet. We had a new shower curtain and accessories. We even put up the wall decals and decor. All that was left was to paint the doors. But....

we had a pipe burst and ended up having to have to whole house replumbed. My husband already did the sheet-rocking. Which means now not only are we having to redo some of the recent remodeling in that bathroom, we have to paint the whole house!


Montucky said...

Oh ouch! That would be a real setback!

silken said...

yes it really has been! but...that's life!