Friday, January 6, 2012

Did You Know I Reached My End of Year Goal?

Did you know I reached my end of year goal?

Since my husband was training for an Ironman last year, I wanted to do something big for myself too. I decided I wanted to run a marathon. But they are all mostly on Sundays, which I am unable to do. Or they are expensive and it's pretty cheap just to run. So I decided on New Year's Eve 2011 I would run a marathon around our town.

I found an online training plan and began training about 3-4 months out. I was pretty successful with following the plan though some weeks not all the miles got run. Come the last week of the year I mapped out a course or two I wanted to try (using and went out to drive the course. It's a good thing I did since some places were under construction. So after some tweaking of the course, I was ready to run.

New Year's Eve woke up to lots of fog. I was worried, but my husband urged me out the door, but not before he played the National Anthem for me! Then he stood in the driveway cheering me on, telling me he would meet me in an hour with some "aid" (food, drink, etc.)

And he did. He met me all along the way with water, electrolyte drink, chips, flat coke, even hand sanitizer after a pit stop! He got some friends to come out and cheer me on, with a small group there at mile 20, complete with chalk messages along the sidewalk! It was lots of fun and I am so happy for his help that day. He even greeted me at my finish with a banner he had made for me! It was tough but I was happy with my time and happy that I met my year end goal of 26.2 miles!


hifidel said...

That's fantastic!! Way to go!

Montucky said...

Congratulations! What a great way to finish the year! I applaud your husband for his support too!

silken said...

thanks both of you! it was fun and I am happy I did it!!