Friday, July 24, 2009

Did You Know How to Find Inklings?

Did you know how to find Inklings?

Hey Inklings, Elizabeth Grace, can you get a hold of me? I have some things to send you. I found your my space page but I am not a member so could not message you there (I guess I could join, but I sure don't want to!) also, thanks to comcast, my internet has been out all week. If you can, email me and I will get back w/ you sometime. Or call me like you did before. I know you want me to get this stuff in the mail to you.

And if anyone else knows how to get hold of inklings, if you can pass the message on for me, that would be great!



Elizabeth Grace said...

Terry got in touch with me through MySpace...I'll call you!



silken said...

thank you!! both of you!! :)