Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did You Know Beans Can Ferment If Soaked Too Long?

Did you know beans can ferment if soaked too long?

I had a bag of beans that I split in half for different recipes. I cooked one but did not have time to get to the other that same day, so I just changed the water and let the beans soak another night. They smelled "funny" when I rinsed them and got ready to cook them. As they cooked my son stated that "whatever is in the kitchen smells bad!" I agreed. After a short search online, I learned that beans can ferment if left to soak too long. I think these sure did.


Montucky said...

I didn't know that, although I saw it happen with soy beans after some train cars of them derailed and spilled into the river. Bad smell, but good for the waterfowl.

silken said...

wild! at least some good came out of it