Monday, July 19, 2010

Did You Know to Put Your Goggles Under Your Swim Cap?

Did you know to put your goggles under your swim cap?

My friend told me this and I had read that a lot of triathletes prefer this. They say it keeps the goggles in place and if you get kicked then the goggles will be less likely to come off if they are under your swim cap. I tried it the other day, in the pool. I found that with the goggles under my cap, I had less (no) leaking and that they stayed in place. I was also able to keep them looser, which was much more comfortable. I will be trying this method again to see how it works consistently.


hifidel said...

Hey! Great idea!

Daesha said...

What a great idea! Glad you're in a community where ideas like htat are shared!

silken said...

so far it has worked well for me. and I like not keeping my goggles so tight…they usually give me a headache!